Street Sweeping Services in Grand Rapids, MN

Contact Commercial Asphalt Repair if you need a street sweeping service in Grand Rapids, MN. We are a popular street sweeper in the area and can visit your business soon.

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Why Street Sweeping Is Essential

There are many reasons hiring a street sweeper is a smart move for your business. Having someone perform these services can keep harmful debris from accumulating on your asphalt.

Rocks, dirt, garbage, and leaves can all play a role in causing damage to your asphalt over time. That premature wear will cause you to have to get repairs on it. Also, the more harmful elements accumulate on the ground, the more your clients are susceptible to falls and accidents.

To prevent those issues from occurring, you can contact us and arrange for regular visits to have us use our sweepers to clean up your parking lot. We will visit your property at your earliest convenience and perform this professional service.

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Other Services We Offer

Street sweeping isn’t the only service we offer. We also do snow removal services for those tough times in the winter when your business gets hit by a surprise storm. We can remove the snow and ice and clear the way for your clients, employees, and business partners to make their way into your business.

We can do our snow removal services on your traditional parking lot, or we can take our snow equipment to an alleyway, loading dock, driveway, or street. Just let us know where you need us to go, and we’ll make it happen.

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Types of Clients We Service

We are dedicated to all members of the community. As such, we provide our services to:

Residential Customers
Residential clients are integral community members, and we dedicate ourselves to ensuring their properties are clean and safe. Thus, you can contact us for sweeping services, even if you live in a small home with a modestly sized yard.

Commercial Properties
We serve all business properties in the area and will be delighted to help you if you’re a business owner. Let us know what you need, and we will send a member of our fleet to assist.

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Additional Clients

Thank you for considering using us for your property maintenance.
Call 218-259-2363 to consult with us about our services.

Industrial Sites

Industrial sites and loading docks are our specialty.

Therefore, the answer is yes if you were wondering if we could service industrial properties.


We welcome requests from municipalities and can perform work of any size.

Complete our contact form for more information about municipal properties and how we can contribute to their upkeep.

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